BLOOM Review on "Here Wee Read"

"This short collection of poetry, prose, narrative essays, meditations and honest reflection is SO beautiful! It’s broken out into four different sections: seed, sprout, grow and bloom. Women (and teens) will be taken on a beautiful journey of self-reflection, self-love and self-care. I can relate to so many of the poems and reflections from my humble beginnings when I was a “seed” to my naive years as I was still “sprouting” and “growing” to my current life living in full “bloom”.  I like the poem Insecurities, but Thank God for Mama, I Ain’t Sorry and Blues in His Left Thigh to name a few."

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BLOOM Review on "So She Writes"

"Reading Bloom was like flipping through pages of my own diary--- complete with daydreams, lessons learned from my grandmother, memories of my late father, and retracing burns that were left behind from old flames. Brittany Travesté does a great job of showing readers how her influences and choices shape her and the way she views the world around her. Knowing that another woman has experienced some of the same growing pains, loves, and losses as me was a refreshing experience. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in learning to love myself and figuring out who I really was as a woman."

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BLOOM at the Diva Needs Essence Festival Pop Up Shop

Had the amazing opportunity to sell and sign copies of my book during the incredible Essence Festival in my hometown, New Orleans, this past Fourth of July weekend. Since I released BLOOM into the universe back in March, I've realized the very special power that this project holds. It is indeed, a God thing. I've expressed over and over that publishing this book is a dream come true for me, but more beautiful than all of that is seeing how the words on those pages affect others. That is why my light is shining brighter than ever before these days.

There was a sister that I met on the last day of Essence Festival. She came up to my table to inquire about BLOOM. SHe flipped through the pages, landed on one in particular, and almost immediately, tears began to well up in her eyes. I can't tell you which piece she read. I can't even tell you what image surfaced in her mind. All I can say is that I felt my sister's pain and I spoke to her healing. I got up and ran to her embrace her. I spoke light to that dark place, and then we smiled together with BLOOM in tow.

See, we need the rain and the dirt, as well as the sunshine, in order to get to our bloom. My life will never be the same.